you learn

some hazings

are better than others

prospecting for my MC

on your way to the party

do drop in they said

got some things for you to take there

standing in the kitchen

we’ve never seen you smoke

are you the police?

leading me to the bucket bong

5 minutes later whitied to the nines

we’ll see you there take care

riding the hog 50+ miles in a dope haze

overthinking each second

trying not to bring heat

making it there

working the bar until dawn came up



take her across the city

to X’s house

on foot

this woman in a stud collar on a leash

leather lingerie high heels & a fur coat

seeing if I could hold my own

walking her thru’ the drunks

low life late night prowling pervs

po po crawling the kerbs

making sure she got there safe

you learn

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