the first one

went to the sky with the child she was carrying

we burned them both on a pyre to appease the gods

singing our songs to speed them along

after that the women stayed away fearing somebody had lain a curse

I gained the next wife after a war party with the Belgae against the Atrebates

she needed educating in our ways the days of the Gods food we ate

but she fitted in well after a while until the days of the storms

giving us the tribe two healthy girls & a strong boy

then one morning she was gone bad spirits had taken her clean away

my foul curse had raised its head again

to cure I went to the tops of hills standing naked no furs in the rain

fasting taking the sacred mushroom burning my soul to the bone

staying away until I could come home free from darkness

to begin start over try again living in the world clear

but this was never to be

I found another a fair-haired girl took her into my house

I brought her meat ducks rabbits deer from the forest birds from the sky

she lived loved me for three dark winters until she too said the long goodbye

& after that the shaman warned me

to never try again

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