walking with the dog

in my troubled teens people tried to reach me

the one I remember most my English teacher Mr. Adams

who got permission to take me out of school

for a day to go walking me & him & his dog

walking the trails where he lived

& he tried all casual to talk me out

though the closer he got the more I shut up

he did all the usual tricks of just between you & me

what you say here goes nowhere

what he did not know for certain but wanted to

was to know the violence the shit at home

& telling that would only lead to more or worse

tears fights recriminations put in a kids home being fostered

because for sure there was nobody else to take me in

where my strategy was hanging on to get to an age to leave

just GTFO & go live somewhere miles away

so in silence we walked with the dog along the trails

listening to the birds checking out this beautiful day

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