Tourista planet

whatcha’gonna do this weekend? asked Blaine

as he casually docked the freighter into port 748 with just the slightest bump

oh I guess a few beers tonight then tomorrow Shorty says he’ll take us to Bar El in his new cruiser says its light speed fast I guess we’ll see

Bar El? that abandoned planet? there’s nothing there!

there’s the hanging bridges that I want to see they engineered the foundations with prototype antigrav to keep them anchored but as the planet collapsed inwards due to volcanic activity the ground fell away from the bridges leaving them hanging in space held in place by the anti grav Shorty says they’re amazing to see

yeah yeah yawn yawn redneck tourist shit you go be a tourista I’m gonna go to that new casino on the lower deck I’m feeling lucky but y’know if you get time the inclination send me a live feed eh? be interesting to see it

Blaine flicked the power down switches & as he swung open the hatch to leave leaned back with a wave

I’ll see you Monday ok? we got a load of reefer units to shift so don’t forget now bright n early this time…

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