ten thirty at night

passed out pissed on the sofa

she’d arrived drunk to get drunker

like when in Pamplona

vodka drunk ten thirty in the a.m.

stranded asleep on a street corner

clutch bag contents strewn

there at her feet

I pick up her bag this time

putting back car keys

tampons lipstick

half bottle of vodka

a youth train pass for a miles barker

then a tear stained letter

which I know I should not be reading

but I do

Miles I want you to understand

I love you in a spiritual way

feeling our souls tied together

it rambled on with more guff like that

so I put it back

with all the other shit

feeling sorry for the kid

his tangled mess to come

& got to thinking

working out how long

she’d be asleep before

I could throw her spiritual ass

through the door

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