my opus

I took myself away from distractions

for a long weekend cheapish hotel

just there out of town

checked in around five on the Friday

bottle of vodka mixers slew of cans

change of underwear shampoo

two reams of paper & the old typer

to keep it real

started with a can then tap tapping away

around seven there was a rap at the door

thought I’d come see how you were doin’

she’d brought gin ice lemon & fixins’

we sat sipping a little while

fucked each other a little bit longer

some time about four in the morning

I had a bath read what I’d written

had breakfast at seven silent looking

over at each other for inspiration

things we might say

she left about nine & I set to tapping again

feeling good about the opening some ideas

as to where this might all go again

twelve’ish I had lunch down in the bar

surrounded by six-foot stick thin women models

with five-foot polo playing men from Argentina

one o’ clock my tapping resumed in earnest

that & the steady flow of beer cans

some time around four she called

should I come over?

you used me up last night I told her

sighing down the phone I’m on a roll

picking up the pace here

supper time came & went as the vodka level fell

the chapters flew onto the floor

sometime close to ten a tap at the door

hey I heard you were writing your opus

can I come in & see?

she sat smoking reading paper flying

one by one over her shoulder

thankfully all pages were numbered

& as she read her dress got higher higher

until I could see stocking tops flashes of white

yeah I see you looking

you want some of this?

& we rolled around for a while

doing what comes naturally

thankfully she left about three

so I sat in the tub ‘til four

reading work on my opus thus far

& started back in typing until nine

had some breakfast tidied up the floor

tap tapping until eleven when reception ‘phoned

check out on Sundays sir is at twelve

began picking up paper putting some into trash

last touches to paper then walked out

feeling I’d accomplished something

but of what I was not quite sure

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