the therapist

began in earnest setting out the rules

which seemed at first fair do’s

wanted me to be real

tell the truths there of my life

be honest straight & true

then later came the add ons

no cussing swearing getting angry uptight

got to sit still stare her straight in the eye

no fiddling or fussin’ hands in my lap

or there along the arm of the chair

& I felt like I was sittin’ at my grandmas

a poor frightened child waiting for rescue

& this could not be so told her I had to go

this was becoming less & less about me

I had things to talk on that are nasty brutish & low

been through hell deep dirty water no rope no hope

nice words & holding still won’t cut through the wild

if you want me to be the way that I am

I got to be me talk & do the way I do

else I need to be going find someone new

who can help me find my way through

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