going to be?

to see her in the street

talking to strangers

catching anybody’s eye

she can meet

thankfully not seeing me

finding mine

tho’ I see her clear

bedraggled lost forlorn

& I turn away

we have history

warmer times days

when I was broke

painting her house

she wanted more of me

& I gave in

being broke lost lonely

quickly finding out

I was in over my head

to run away being chased

threatened cajoled

& later a postcard

blank card black letters

your son still born

died this morning

the priest gave last rites

& to wonder now

was I part of the creation

of who she is now

or was I aware enough

to know this was how

things were going to be?

One thought on “going to be?

  1. oh my. this has to be one of the most memorable pieces i have read here recently. as the words unfold the memory, the reader is drawn in. and then the dagger is drawn. those words. those truths. oh my…. chilling. haunting. visceral. LOVE this piece. thank you for sharing.


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