tragedy or comedy

setting: 19th century canal bank somewhere just outside Wolverhampton

scene: psychedelics ingested we’d been apart for a while

this was our getting together party some drinks couple of acid tabs

& a walk in the countryside until we realised we were lost

but that came on much later & slow

first we talked & talked for hours about where we’d been

the things we’d done & then I looked into her eyes

falling falling in deeper coming to understand who she was

& seeing our future or the not of it knowing we’d only be together

a little while longer until she was gone

I’d become silent going inside already experiencing the sense of loss

tell me tell me she said we promised no secrets remember?

& maybe it was cowardice or just plain wanting to hold on a while longer

so I told her of my plans that I’d seen going back to school university

teaching training developing to what I had once been but had let go of

& none of that quite worked out as foretold

but she did leave me some six months later

final scene: & I was devastated by her loss

even though I’d known that was coming

as nothing ever can prepare you for the real event

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