this trembling light kneed faun

living with a guy a few years older

his mother called tho’ I did not know her

can you come talk with him?

we sat for a while without a word

until his mother came back with tea

tell him tell him she said soft

he treats him bad she went on

ok I said sipping scalding tea

what do you want me to do?

talk to him tell him to stop it

& you think that will work? I asked

wondering how had I got to this place

we agreed that I’d visit in a week

call by & ask how things were

& if necessary take him out of there

I called in knocked at the door

the man answered asked yes?

stopped by to say hi I go all nice

he ushered me into a room

racked floor to ceiling vinyl classical music

any requests?

Holst Planet Suite Mars…

the trembling faun came in

how are you? I asked all gentle

I’m ok he said fingers to mouth

in a shushing way eyes to the door

the man brought in tea & biscuits

we sat silent listening to the record

at the end of the piece I got up to go

thank you for the tea & Jupiter

I must be on my way

hearing later that they did separate

the older man found a new lover

to listen to ancient music with

while the trembling unsteady faun

found a rock star to live a new life

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