wasting police time

I don’t remember now where or when I found her

we dated a few times but never did the intimacy thing

a complicated girl I thought felt never gave up much

until I put a few vodkas in her she told her story of woe

dating a high flying lawyer she’d met on the Friday train

coming home from the city to the same small town

how fun he was drinking with the crowd witty bright

they’d pull into a restaurant eat have a few more

& then he’d take her home or to his place to stay

most times it was great but then came the turn

every now & then he’d turn bitter angry want to fight

she’d hide in the bathroom call the police for help

they’d turn up take her home just a sad bad night


the time she called for help & he turned the police away

saying she’d gone home everything was a ok

she had to call them again they came got her out

while he claimed she’d turned up again fighting drunk

this time they took her to the station put her in a cell

sat for a long time talking suggesting quietly strong

she was missing the story here not understanding

what was going on this was who the guy was

it was she putting herself in danger playing the lottery

whether the evening was mr nice guy or demon from hell

& tonight she was staying until they decided in the a.m.

if they were to charge her with wasting police time

using them as a taxi service instead of emergency help

they did not press charges & she said she understood

if feeling outraged at the refusal to white knight again

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