lets go out she says

we never make new friends

drop in for a couple & then go?

ok I say weary knowing how these things end

& sure enough the other two arrive late

some breezy nonsense about taking the wrong route

like they’ve never been there before

the drinks arrive & we sip begin

I notice he’s left his tweed cap right in front of me

then as I launch into a story he cuts right across

to retrieve his hat button missing on top

as she starts in to tell us all about herself

her life her strife woes & bygones

& I notice every time mine speaks they move in to listen

when I open up they lean back cut across anything I say

I begin to tap her foot with mine lean my knee in for contact

she’s slow to drink up end the show until finally

look at the time we must go!

& outside she says what a boring pair

oh no I go they loved you me not so much

anyway she says let’s not do that again

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