loved to pop his collar

slouch around

like he owned the place

strutting it to the ladies

like a dog on low

threatening drink his life away

tho’ I saw him wafting

through the crowd

waving his drinks

letting them know

he’d started early today

& being the kind of friend

listens in watches your show

I held an easy count

as my own flowed down

pulled him end of the night

hows it goin’ slick?

I’m good to go he said

been drinking since 11

hey it’s me don’t forget

I picked you up past 2

we had the first ones together

yeah yeah yeah y’know?

I’d had a stiffener before that

but now we both knew

his game popped collar

slouching low spreading shit

was just a game

to get him through

& we all know

there are others do worse

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