a miscommunication

there was indeed

a miscommunication

he needed the work money

for the week the long weekends

his girl he could only see with cash in hand

& this Patricia needed her sink fixed

there was a blockage she needed dealt with

could he come over one afternoon to take a look?

to which being good long term friends

we slyly smirked at being cynical boys of the world

aaaand? we said all in unison

I was there under the sink

had just undone the waste trap

& she lifted her short skirt sat on my groin

began to grind

though we pressed for detail

he was reluctant to give more

just said I was jolted man sat up real quick

smacked my head on the porcelain

& got out of there lickety split

didn’t even get my call out fee

so we commiserated bought him a beer

at it being a hard life for the working man

but he didn’t get that either

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