hey honey

he’s creative she coo’s

we gotta be quiet while he sleeps

he was up all night doing this

as she soft indicates a daubed canvas

slashes of colour shot through

windmill paint thrown left & right

& I can if inclined describe

the slow lazy motions gone through to do

musta taken a while I say

though I’m thinking will she get satire?

oooh yes he ponders for ages

the technique to use style in mind

then executes his vision quickly

so as not to lose the creative muse

this is beyond satire obviously

& the great man stirs hoves into view

smiling all shy our inspection of his show

takes me to one side you seen Bill?

I got me the come down blues

speeding all night I need some Valium

lets go out get some beer

hey honey

we’re going out for a while

you seen my shoes?

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