coulda been a contender

she dragged me to her home

drunk in the back of a cab

hushing me quiet in the kitchen

while she paid off the babysitter

as I mused on the white goods

mug tree pictures on the ‘fridge

pulled me into her bed

whispering in my ear

everything was going to be

all right

& I did what I said I’d do

making love in a strange bed

to a woman I’d just met

in the corner of a party

for folks I didn’t know too

to be woken rough

grabbing at my shoulder

y’gotta go now

my daughter will be up soon

the clock glaring 6.00

& I dragged myself up

out of the struggled sheets

into my thrown clothes

sideways into dawn streets

cold & alone again

knowing I would never return

just another relegated contender

clogging up the day

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