pro tips for Poets No: 6

how not to be a successful media poet

I got invited in to review the newspapers

early morning for the local city radio station

to put the poets perspective on the world they said

but when i arrived full blood in the flesh

they did not quite know how to deal with me

put me in a cubicle stack of newspapers

runner offering coffee if I wanted one

& the newspapers were what they always are

mix of adverts for half assed politicians

next to blurbs for second hand cars

& there in amongst the dross

some famous tv presenter had left his wife

had taken up with his secretary

which left me with my lead for the air

I suggested that a real poet would be out there

scouring the streets for a new honey

not plucking what was waiting on the shelf

presented gift packaged ready to do willing

& when my slot was over I walked out

through empty halls not a word was said

knowing bone deep my radio time was over

they would never call me back again

the poets truth is not always wanted

but maybe this you already knew

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