the work gap in it

I never had one job

that wasn’t made shit

fucked up by the people there

you know them

the stay lates to appear important

the grimy gouchers who freeload

steal work off’f you claim it as theirs

sap your time energy goodwill

especially deserving hatred

were the proper lost souls

taking their esteem from their job role

assistant assistant asshat

to the deputy manager for petty cash

those who knew the rules inside out

sucking the life out of any fun

to stop the place being a better place to be

this source of incidentals for your life

free heat free light paper for all

whatever you could scavenge

to make a decent day

when all you wanted was to be

a better person

at home reading writing

thinking about things

being with your lover

being in love with the world

not tethered for 8+hours

tied to machines desks computers

to get money

to live a life

destroyed by the work gap in it

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