even broke poets got standards

it is all a matter

of where you focus your attention

I knew these people

rel’is if you don’t please

who would come visit look around

see how we lived & sniff

not that we lived in a complete jumble

even broke poets got standards

just that their place was spic n span

while ours always forever

could do it seemed with a dust around

he could code & she could clean

their thoughts seemed to me

to be about exteriors the look

while I was fighting the words for truth

trying to put down a meaningful line

writing training courses for a living

& my girl worked to bring clarity

to people living in the muddy way

who were messing up their lives

we were interior people it seemed

& try as we might

we could never get them to understand

that the examined life is the one

worth living

& they of course

never offered to spring clean for us

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