Monsieur et Madame

we were bone tired

of endless miles on the road

so long we’d stopped talking

there was nothing else to say today

& I pulled in to a mom & pop

side of the road tired 1star French hotel

we looked & took the room

what else were we gonna do?

I washed my face cooled my hands

& we made it down the dark stairs

past the tall brown stuffed bear

looking at sculptures made of spoons

with a ladle mixed in here & there

the food was good served hot & slow

we ate in silent appreciation

still looking at the spoons everywhere

then up past the rotting bear

sitting amongst the wallpapered ceiling

fighting the fleas hovering our feet

sucking on wine in toothmugs

letting in feelings to bring my heart alive

no tv no radio just an open window

& you sitting there worn out beat

head against the pillow half smile

& then the crashing of pots & pans

madame ripping into monsieur hard

we crept to the window to see the show

as a frying pan slid down the kitchen wall

& any thoughts of tomorrow were gone

like today what we needed to would be done

as she screamed again the dauphinoise

missiled past his ears out into the dark

& you know as well as we do

we never found la Maison again

caught sight of the stuffed rotting bear

in the middle of those brown creaky stairs

saw the sculptures of silver spoons

or that over-wallpapered room

nor found out if Monsieur et Madame

got their second honeymoon

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