who pays the price?

you have to be careful living the right way

because the true path brings you close to

in ever increasing tight contact with

lopers dopers hopheads junkies cheaters

liars no hopers drinkers alkies wetbrains

better than you’ers do gooders dodgers mopers

lowlifers borrowers righteous might’ers

holier than thou’ers preachers leechers

man bites dog’ers fighters god botherers sneakers

no gooders  pan handlers vagabonds fake forgetters

& each of these has something

that they can teach you

bring you closer to the real what you can be

but the second they don’t listen

hold you blood tight to you

you have to let them go

as there is always a price to be paid

for being in touch with the living

those out on the edge of this

& if you’re not careful the price

will be you

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