coming down the pipe

all kids know for sure

their parents are fools

& I made sure

I had the evidence

just to be clear

listened intent

to their conversations

bordering on the banal

the rough ways they displayed

their ignorance on the world stage

listening to politicians

who were obvious fakes

eyes wide as their lies moved crooked lips

& vowed things were gonna change

when my crowd moved into town

& now

I see the mediocrity curse catching

the slow move to grey suits

trousers some kind of fawn

I hear mi compadres talking

like yesterdays news

is fresh from the pot

worshipping woeshipping celebrities

with nothing fresh to offer

but endorsements

for products we already got

& it’s a slow low scream to the death

when there are no new ideas

ways of being to fix this mess

small puddles of mayhem

created by mediocrity

coming down the pipe

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