I was listenin’ in

where doesn’t matter that much

but it would be a betrayal

so better not to say

one of those old-time gangsters

talking to his friend

about another of the creed

given a long stretch

managed a couple of years in

before he got on his toes & ran

escaped capture for a year

yeah he’d been away for 6 years

he was saying

then got himself a holiday

good people friends of ours

looked after him

but he popped out for a ‘paper

& got pinched

he tells me when we meet

it’s still the same

world full of nonce people

everybody got cars

have to have knives

& forks to eat dinner

nothing changes

he’s got a longer sit now

but he says he don’t care

did a bit of business while he was out

sorted the family for money

& now?

he’ll be a good man

model prisoner

all please & thank you’s

its time

time is all it is

& they laugh

like that’s all there is

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