she comes she comes

she comes toward me

smoking a cigarette

& I smell immediately

a strong mix of smoke & perfume

she stops as she sees me

its you! its you!

as she moves in for an embrace

like the last time never happened

as if we left as friends

she nuzzles in

you still smell the same

polite as ever I say as do you

she lets go & says

fatter tho!

your new woman must be feeding you well

like she doesn’t know

I have no new woman

I still have the one

after her

she starts coughing at her joke

& I can hear her lungs creaking

soggy & sodden

her dry larynx & tongue clacking

still on 40 a day

& you gave up for her didn’t you?

she has more questions now

that i have no desire to answer

I sidestep

I must go must go

& she tries to come with

you meeting her for lunch?

no I go I just gotta go y’know?

as her face falls

knowing I do not want her

to follow

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