I was bored again

late summer about six

I was bored again

my woman had left months ago

& of course I was broke

I started in back of the sofa

going through old pockets

the pennies started mounting up

& then there in amongst the lint

an old hit of blotter acid donald duck

I put it under my tongue continued searching

finally I had just enough for a bottle of cider

but first the wait give it an hour

which came & went with nothing

resigned I set out for the store

walking the empty streets feeling the sun

wanting so much more

& then

just as the door opener went ting!

the rush came on

I was underwater

in a green room filled with bottles

feet stuck to the ocean floor

& a grinning man saying


I began counting pennies

into a mountain on the counter

what else could that be for?


one of those I said pointing

green bottles high to the sky






he asked aching slow

with a leer


green & red things

grow on trees

picked in autumn

crushed squeezed

to make drinks

cider he intoned

you want cider?



that’s it

in a brown bottle

here are pennies enough

to purchase

he thrust the nectar at me

& I began the slow cakewalk

back to the door

along the undulating pavement

to my castle

here somewhere in this enchanted land

but first the quest

to find the keys

to my kingdom

& then

I remember no more

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