out at the night owl

just to sit & listen

the taxi drivers drunks malcontents

getting burgers tea coffee cokes

talking of the late night streets

better than any tv or book

the things these guys see hear

have happen to them

& I was new to my relationship then

finding it hard to see what I’d bought into

knowing something was missing

but not knowing then

what was mine

I was entitled to or even owed

every now & then they’d get fed up with me

I hadn’t the money to buy anything

so I’d clear up the trash

move the cans around

sweep a little if asked

just keeping my ears open to learn a little

find my way through

but I never did

that came later after I’d left her

found my real rock bottom of alone

& began to claw my way back to me

& nobody from back then

knew about The Night Owl

my own last refuge in the dark

trying to find my feet

or would even understand to care

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