in my naivete

I was helping out on a photo shoot

being the supportive one

to my PR career woman

sent out to buy magazines for a family

car one for dad

cosmo’ kind of thing for mum

comics for the kids

returned to the shoot

these were not for reading

but to be carefully placed as if they were

there were a lot of people around

& when I asked

these are the family of the family

the mum & dad were not the mum & dad

the kids were not brother & sister

the car was not their car which I kinda knew

in my naivete I had not thought

somebody had gone through a mugshot book

pulled out their ideal family for this PR parade

take that dad, that mum, that kid & that one too

& there they were beaming at each other

like love was their go to in life

while I sat way out of the way

thinking what other lies had I missed

along my way

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