aka the poison dwarf

call me stupid

I can certainly accept naïve

as I never fully understood

why her mother hated me so

full with her whole heart

sure I got

I was living with her baby girl

was never going to be good enough

to be shacked up with her

doing the dirty without a ring

high church white dress & all that stuff

for my part

I was being careful

not to let my feelings show

having heard the horror stories

her little girl had told me

of mummy dearest’s mistreatment

but hey

that day the hate was going one way

& it was only when the smoke cleared

she & me were over & done

& I was top of her shit list

that it hit me

she’d been telling tales

horror stories to her ‘rents

what a shit I was

& that’s why they hated me

she’d played both sides

one against the other

leaving her to do as she pleased

modus operandi Janus the perfidious god

aka the poison dwarf

getting everything she wanted

by growing the world

to hate

the player

manipulator of dreams

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