not going that way

we’d met in the local jail

I was doing a week

for non-payment on my motorcycle fines

feeling eating living was preferable

& that choice was an easy one

until they stood me up in court

& decided to lock me up for 7 days

nobody knew where I was

it was probably better that way I felt

it was during the strip search

the shower I met him first

in for a year string of robberies

we talked until the man said shut up

& I never saw him again until now

that year later drinking in a locals bar

he bought me a beer all patter smiles

hello motorcycle boy you busy?

clapping his arm around my shoulder

all old pals & offering a driving job

the next night about 1 in the a m

& how to say No I’m not going that way

& then my friends came flooding in

coming over talking of a roadie gig

next town over humping stuff for the band

sleep in the rig between shows

all the groupies booze & smokes on tap

for the next week

& was I in?

& all I could say was yes

nod to the man I at the bar

say I’m going that way

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