got lost on the way

I got told there was dignity in work

they must’ve meant some other stuff

than the things I’ve had to do

to lift a pay packet

be standing at the ATM midnight

watching the town clock click over

so’s I could buy bread milk

eat drink

go off in the morning start over

& they never say

watch out for the assholes

because there will be some

toadies fawners lickspittles to the boss

trying to worm up the ladder

get to be a paper boss

give out bullshit orders grow all upset

puffed up when these are ignored

‘they got in the way of the job’

used to work to piss them off

i recall only too well…


there were good managers

people who’d been promoted

because they were good at what they did

but I don’t remember any bullshit rules

coming from these

I guess they knew better

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