piety is never an excuse

one of those ladies

sits quiet in the corner butter wouldn’t melt

dressed like they’ve prematurely aged

muted colours thin greens some kind of beige

hiding behind her piety secret messages from god

& she hated everybody not of her cloth

went whispering to the boss

every chance she got

she would wait her moments find you all alone

step right up to her dislike punching straight in

letting out all that hate

how you were not up to scratch

not good enough in her book didn’t pull your weight

& she didn’t like I started laughing

cut her back down to size

its just a job baby here for the pay

knowing she’d scuttle cry to the boss

telling of poor attitudes

which I would then firmly deny

holding my own sweet smile

you know how these god botherers are

you know how they twist & lie….

if she was gonna go do hate

I wanted to be sure she had a reason why

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