I want to capture you

or something along those lines

I’d been steady drinking for an hour two

but I’d agreed to the request

& turned up to sit still for a while

I wanted to lie back while she set to

even offered to go nude

tho’ apparently that would never do

she kept saying relax just let go

which seemed to have the opposite affect

so we sat for a while had a drink maybe two

then I read a novel & forgot about her & pencils

some time around a month later she called

come see what you think see if it’ll do

& we sat silent for a while reflecting on my head

I could see what she’d set out as me

but something didn’t jar ring right true

I look like a thug I said is that me to you?

she flustered some then shades of pink

there on her brass neck um er y’know dunno

tho’ I think if you were an actor

you’d get lots of roles as some bad dude

I left the picture there with her tho’ she said it was mine to go

but I couldn’t bring myself to park it on my wall

let others see me as she did or was it let me see it so?

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