no sense of humor the germans

it is said the Germans have no sense of humor

it was late afternoon late summer

I’d finished with the group I’d been working with

& one kindly found me a room over a bar

dropped me off in the Altplatz Dusseldorf

I sat for a while on the great steps watching the barges

huge long boats carrying ? up & down this immense river

then slowly made my way back to the bar

sitting I looked over the row of pumps

decided to work my way along them sample as many as I could

ein bier bitte  I asked as I tapped the pump furthest away

& a small black beer arrived in front of me & gratefully drank that

as I ordered another next tap down a group of twelve arrived

to sit outside on the high table there in the evening sun

one of the dozen had a small silly hat on must be the birthday boy

I thought as they sat him end of the table & sang a song to him

beers were ordered & brought out with samples of sausages

then a shout of Schnapps! went up & the waitress found a tray

she looked at me & winked as she filled one shot glass with schnapps

then filled the other eleven with water from the tap in front of us

these she took out carefully making sure who got water got schnapps

& as the next cry of Scnapps! went up did this eleven more times

the birthday boy could not understand why he was getting drunk

while nobody else seemed the worse for wear

& it is said the Germans have no sense of humor

but you weren’t there man

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