old screen queen

she held herself

as a great beauty

old screen queen

all five foot nothing

bottle blonde hair red nails lips

wearing styles she felt fitted her status

was always between men

could keep them for a year maybe two

either she’d move them out

or one day there was space they’d be gone

& there was never much clarity

how each had failed her again

this long line of Bobs Bills Kens Tims or Lens

the one constant in her life

were the crowd of gay men

these existed as her horde

she loved to buy wine & drink with

look after light her cigarettes

hang on to most every word

these were her loved ones

beyond all others in the world

the real stars in her firmament

& I was another friend watching on

until late night one such leaned over

whispered she’s such a dog isn’t she?

& after that I could never go back

to be part of a knowing betrayal

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