me love you long time

dude was always there

up right in my face about the sex

you are so uptight man he’d say

always there with your blonde beauties

alluding to his better bisexuality

which I had no fuss with

me & him had other interests to share

& yes I loved the fair haired lovelies

not once thinking my heterosex a burden

nor his freewheeling thing men or women too

though he’d always work it into conversations

y’know with the crowd got the right think attitudes

ways of talking like they the only ones who care

man this dude is such a square…

& time goes on if you’re lucky

as for some the party ends early

& one day when were alone

I happened to say dude I notice

the ones you keep are women

they are the ones with which you set up home…

he don’t talk much no more

he kinda leaves me alone

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