y’see what I mean?

fella was raggin’ on me

seems like he thought

I was all misunderstood

on purpose

to be difficult

where I thought his stick

had no need to be waved around

tell me again, please

& he overexplained

about my poor attitude

I was dragging everything down

by asking questions

all the time

& I said it again:

if it is as true as you say then nothing

I ask can take anything away

& if I’m pulling it down

then that too is an act of creation

surely out of the rubble

the new true comes?

y’see what I mean he said

eyes all big busting & red

you think you’re smart

but all you do is nay say

& nothing gets done

& honestly

I was thinking that was projection

but that it was probably best to leave that

quietly echoing in my head

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