they ran me out of there


escorted me around & out of the building

even though I’d given notice weeks ago

I guess they were scared of me

what I might do or say

there on my last day

& to be fair truthful

I hated them all with every ounce I had

people who make work think themselves

to be anything but the cog in the wheel they are

& that attitude of mine stunk the place up

so the big fella sat there

as I boxed all my personal shit up

I’d come prepared with carriers to cart it all away

sat there like the lump he was watching

I guess in case I took office property

like I needed shitty reminders of the place

I’d taken their money done the job

we’d contracted that I would do

& now it was time to go

no cake no rousing cheer goodbyes

notes on a card keep in touch

just shallow breathing so’s

I would not take in more stink than I had to

& the joy in all of this

they said of themselves

to be a caring organisation

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