the hook set in early & deep

on a weekday lunch time

skipping school

sitting listening to new sounds

in friends’ houses

while their parents were at work

excited to be invited

feeling slightly hungry & buzzed

to the beats of tamla

then came ska


& coming from a family

hated black music

this was heresy in so many ways

I’d try to sneak in albums at home

lying on the floor sound turned low

trying to record them

building a collection for later

these were thrown out when found

with lectures on depravity as punishment

& I started all over again

finding better hiding places

music back then seemed to scare older people

believing records played backwards

had messages from the devil

could make us kids do bad things

reject their authority fight their ways

& all this to us was only

great music sounds that lifted

made us want to dance feel alive

create that special sense

we knew something the elders didn’t

to have our own place in the world

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