printed in glossy covers

I try & read the greats

Hem caught me young as did Hunter

Auden Larkin Eliot Cummings all found my ear

but there was a huge drop off after that

so many get their English lit degree

went to all the best schools learn meter

the whys & wherefores how to rhyme

& they get printed in glossy covers

handmade papers handbound & all that

I try my best working to get the man

the woman to understand as far I can

however I find them cold the book on the floor

in the a.m. where it fell out of my grasp asleep

unable to find the love exquisite pain gut wrench

that being brings to the poet living in the world

maybe it is the dull of lectures reflected from

tenured professors no longer out in the cold

love refracted through the prism of academe

removed from working to eat pay the rent

& all seems detached lofty riding the thermals

from the heat of us animals under looking to live

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