To keep your head up

walking the lines of people

who for today

have decided to hate you

feeling the heat back of the neck

as you go to your workstation

& do what needs be done today

If you look up there is a coven

convening in the corner

couple of dark witches muttering

& you know what you did

your biggest crime of the century

kept on breathing day after day

not that they wanted you properly dead

just maimed enough to keep coming in

so’s they could see their handiwork

writ large on the world stage

& that’s what this is their theatre

where they create psychodramas

gestalts to complete their incompleteness

set ups replete with trap doors

the smoke & mirrors of artifice

not that they know they do this

& if challenged they will only fight harder

your task as the hatee today

is to wait for their shadow to pass over

& hope you get to refuse to play

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