I like yer dogs

She was fresh from the ocean

her dogs leaving wet trails

dark jeans that wet blue

close fit red shirt hanging right

cold hard nipples biting through

I like yer dogs I said

more in response to the situation

than leave everything unsaid

why thank you her reply

we talked for a while

her Lurchers sitting patient

as she talked of origins

their spirit

then she looked at my bike

I talked through the changes made

what makes a bike a chopper

she showed me pics

of her dead daddy’s pride & joy

stocker bike not my kind of thing

but we were in the sharing space

strangers giving over bits of their life

then she mentioned her husband

more than once more than twice

& a man takes his hints

says thank you nice to meet you

it’s been good

my buds are calling me back

time to ride

she smiled sweetly

her dogs soft at her feet

& all y’gotta do is play nice

the world will come & meet

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