house cats

with their self-satisfied smiles

who never come to you

without expecting some hand feeding first

one would start playing his conga drums

twenty minutes before I was due

so’s he could never hear me at the door

because he felt his woman

still might have feelings for me

never entered that smirking head

to ask how I felt about her

so over dinner he’d talk himself up

his record collection-bigger than mine

his car-better than mine

the stages he & his band had played

(full of cats who loved to preen as muso’s)

& all that time I’d be wondering

he’d always had family to support him

they’d put him through college

a good university kept his room at home

part of his wonderful vinyl collection still there

& still he dragged his insecurity about in public

I felt truly sorry for the cat

which made him hate me more

forced her into letting me go

but I was happier out of that orbit

some people are cat people

while others prefer dogs

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