alex caught up with him

why would you tell my girl

I’ve been seeing another?

& he started stuttering

be, because, she deserves better

than me? roared alex

like you, you mean?

& he started stammering denials

one more word to her son

& I will kick your ass, you get me?

he nodded, but the defiance was there

glowing slow & low in his eyes

a week went by

& alex’s girl was still getting stories

whispers in her ear about other women

& he caught up with him again

did I tell you straight?

did you misunderstand me?

& with that Alex lashed out with a fist

I warned you, I told you

& you continued

he was kicking him now

laying in hard his frustration getting out

I pulled him away

shouting, enough!

& alex straight back

it better be

this guy saved you

anymore & I’ll make sure he

no one else will be around

next time

you understand?

& the fella groaned

as I walked alex away

I got home that night late

& as I walked through the door

I could feel the black mood festering

what’s this I hear about you & this girl?

this battered guy came round

I patched him up

he told me;

you & alex jumped him

& then he told me about you

& this bitch….

cat got your tongue?

& all I could think

never save anybody

rattling around my head

I should’ve let alex stomp him

never save anybody

unless they beg for your help

its ok, I said

he’s an idiot looking to die

I saved him from a worse kicking

but he obviously wanted more

was wanting his killing

laid at someone else’s door

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