she had ideas

some were gone by the sun

easing through the curtains

& others became gentle obsessions

I’d like to be rough sexed

she said all serious no horror

not rape raped

but taken by force

in some dark alleyway

& this idea did not fade

certain filigree elaborations

the element of surprise

being added & unprepared full part

the unceasing part of this drama

& late one night

weaving our way across the dark city

her amorous mood seemed open

ready to play

I stopped

she went on into a dark back alley

I caught up

pulled her to me

hands grabbing feeling

in all the wrong right places

& she screamed

loud, longer than I’d hoped

windows were thrown open

harsh questioning voices called out

apologies had to be made

over misunderstandings in the dark

the rest of the way went in silence

no more was ever spoken

of this disturbing interlude

her fantasy voice was quiet

& after we split

she would tell people

oh, he was such a brute

which to be fair

was much how I felt

about her

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