a pleasant evening with friends

all goodbyes said

as I then gently plodded home

walking the city streets

enjoying the beer buzz

echoes of conversations

& then

she was there

standing on the street corner

I want to talk she said

& fell silent

biting her cheek

the seconds dragged on

take me home, kiss me

& I kissed her

she guided my hands

to her hips, ass

& I felt her stocking tops


she walked with me


& I knew beyond doubt

this was another mistake

no different from all the others

I’d made with her

we made it to my place

she fell on the bed

lay on her back

opened her legs

& started snoring…

in the morning

she had no memory of meeting me

how she got here

no clue how she just happened

to be in the right place

right time

to meet me

I drove her home to her place

dropped her off

& could finally breathe

this time life had been kind

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