always had a notebook

tight there in his pocket

pen with one spare

because you know

murphy’s law

one will go

just as you need it not to

& as you also don’t do

we didn’t compare notes

ideas we were exploring

& one time too

after the right refreshments

had been over had

we turned to the no-no Q

so why do you write?

& I mumbled something

about getting the worlds out

putting my thoughts in line

as he gazed long distance

spoke straight to hearts desire

oh man, I wanna start a fire

set the whole planet to burn

have ‘em hold something there

make ‘em change their minds

re think every bit of their lives

& began to nod softly

to his inner back beat

there is no follow for that

I said

shall we have another few?

& since then

I look out my window

make sure I check the horizon

before I write

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