everybody has standards

it’s a given thing

like the breathing in & out

the issue arises

in the differences we have with that

he wants to talk about sex

& I’m good for this

no longer afflicted as some

fourteen year old beavis n butthead

fnerr he said butt huhuhahua

until he begins telling of her

& her wants or needs

& mine kick in

ok fella here’s the rules:

y’can tell me

how you get her to spank your ass

with a big wooden spoon from the kitchen

until your ass is purple & black

no issue there

or how you like frillies on the weekend

your life your philias ok?

but please not about her

next time we meet I got to

kiss each cheek look her in the eyes

say hello

& frankly fella

her stuff is her stuff to tell me about

not you

& he gets in a huff on this

doing the big

I thought we were friends shimmy

but I’m having none of it

tell me about you I say

& I’m all good

but its no use now

he’s gone into being 14

the but I wanna

buts I wanna talk about her

yeah he wanted to brag

he was getting some

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