may take just a little while

the voice

coming in from behind

& I felt the shock of memory

pulling to another time & place

& then she spoke to me

standing in front

though the colours were all wrong

hair, clothes, eyes

that voice had sunk the hook in deep

the question hangs loose

shimmering close in the air

can a person still alive

become channelled

through another

to mess with my head

make me feel the pain

all over again?

& why would the world

do this to me

take a sunny day

make it rain

she had to repeat her question

I wasn’t here, now

had to return

& her eyes full of questions

who was this idiot stammering

what was going on

& there wasn’t minutes enough to tell her

she already thought me mad

& may take a little while

how to say

I can’t see your own beauty

with another coming through…

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