this magnificent beast screeching

roaring in my ear

at two a.m.

& every bellow was pure poetry

man you should write I said

lay down those words

as I heard him strain

in all timbre of being

trying to convey meaning to me

what? he said in colors

pulsing to the music

what the fuck you mean?

& I heard his misunderstood moments

from centuries of suspicion, doubt

police, parents, teachers, lovers

I’m trying to get to the bar

can you move over?

sure I said pitching to my left

all portents ship shape & shifting

listing to port creaking

a fully laden privateer merchant ship

cargo hold of tobacco, silks, spices

horny sailors reeking of dusky maidens

the clap, the drip & typhus

to spread amongst the old world

shrooms I said

squeaking out the one word

my larynx straining now as new violin string

bowed by bow short of resin

in a smoky cold concert hall

ah he smiled

I get it

yer off yer fucking face

his face cracking

dark deep lines leading to new horizons

where all people could meet

live in harmony not split asunder

by religion, politics, hate


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