can you come get?

about sixty miles away

& a couple of light years

he was shacking up again

a woman he’d met out drinking

& moved himself in

even though the cat

had shat

on his suitcase

the man never could take a hint

she was an ok girl he said

one of those never workers

but able to float through life

took me a day, maybe two

to get there

not my monkeys

not my circus eh?

all was level when I arrived

people smoking home grown

drinking out of bottles

she was dressed only

in an off grey housecoat

bare feet & tired hair

the music at a pitch

to be appreciated

not background sound

all seemed hunky dory

the talk moved slowly on to him

his antics

drunk dancing

pissing on the bars

of an electric heater

telling people what was what

just who they were

then she caught my eye

mid riff of a guitar solo

as all nodded their heads to the beat

I said I had to piss

as she offered more drinks around

caught me in the kitchen

I can’t get dressed she hissed

he won’t leave the house

keeps fucking me all the time

I’m so sore I can’t think

sit proper anymore

he’ll be here in a minute

want to fuck me again

& there the door

slowly opened

Christ! here he comes

he came in caught her hands

kissed her lips

I wasn’t there anymore

hey baby lets go round again!

as he led her away

catching her glance back

help me please…

& I heard the springs begin to squeak

at least

I hope that’s what it was

as I stood for a while

thinking slowly

just what is a man to do?

after five minutes the cacophony ceased

they went back to the people room

as I silently gathered his shit together

in the shat upon suitcase

& waited for night to come

‘til he was drunk enough

to drag to the car

needing more beer

& drove him home

while he slept mumbling

of love, lovers who never come

took him a couple of days

to clear his fog

that too much of everything brings

we never


talked about this

& he never heard from her again

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